How to solve the four major pain points of computer room maintenance?


The company has several difficulties in maintaining the […]

The company has several difficulties in maintaining the computer room, such as high cost, few personnel, difficult recruitment, low efficiency, low safety performance, etc. Why is this so? The main reason is the lack of intelligent computer room monitoring and non-standardized management, which has caused various problems in computer room operation and maintenance management. If you want to avoid it, it is best to apply a dynamic environment monitoring system that can run automatically around the clock.

1. Pain points of computer room maintenance

1. Information outdated: Traditional computer room maintenance lacks high-efficiency information and early warning information functions, low security inspection frequency and long time intervals, and cannot be controlled in time when abnormal difficulties occur.

2. Labor cost: The capital investment cost of the computer room inspection is too high, and the human supervision cannot be abnormal immediately, and the safety risk cannot be solved in the first time.

3. Abnormal environment: Generally, the working temperature of the computer room exceeds the load-bearing temperature of the equipment in the computer room, which can easily cause problems such as fire safety accidents and common failures of equipment operation.

4. Computer room security: The entrance and exit gates of the computer room cannot be closed, and there are many people coming and going. It is very prone to security risks such as data leakage, unplugged cables, and equipment theft.

Second, the detailed introduction of the computer room monitoring system

This system can continuously collect the specific information of each equipment and element in the computer room for 24 hours, including mains, power distribution equipment, UPS, temperature and humidity, infrared, access control system, smoke, air conditioning, water immersion, video, etc.

The situation of the computer room is presented in the form of images, graphs, data, tables, etc., so that the staff can understand the current situation of the computer room.

The dynamic loop monitoring system has several standardized serial communication interfaces, which can be used to expand the total number and can be connected to a lot of monitoring equipment to build the purpose of unified supervision of the computer room.

When the system detects that there is abnormal data information in the computer room, it will automatically send out alarm information based on SMS, voice, sound and light, telephone, and e-mail, so that the staff can quickly understand what time period, which equipment, and which main parameters are If there is an abnormality, it is convenient to make a targeted treatment method.

The powerful information collection, resolution, and communication capabilities allow the system to supervise the computer room automatically and in real time, and assist the staff to manage the computer room visually at any time period and address.

Third, the benefits of the dynamic environment monitoring system

1. Timely safety inspections throughout the day and prompt notification of common faults in the computer room.

2. The aspect ratio of the system is integrated, which is convenient to use and greatly reduces the management cost.

3. Web remote control operation and maintenance management can carry out computer room safety inspection and management in any region and time.

4. Automated technology supervision, improvement of work efficiency and safety performance, and solving problems such as shortage of manpower and difficulty in recruiting.

The application of the dynamic environment monitoring system enables real-time monitoring of the hardware equipment and physical environment of the computer room. Problems can be solved quickly, ensuring the safety of the computer room property, solving all aspects of the computer room at one time, and constructing intelligent and efficient dynamic environment monitoring.