All Steel Panel Raised Access Floor

The all-steel raised floor is made of deep-stretched steel plate, and the panel is made of SPCC hard steel plate. The upper and lower steel plates are formed by stamping and spot welding. The load-bearing structure, the surface can be pasted with different veneers.


Good Toughness(2)
High Loading Capacity(3)
Impact Resistance(4)
Flat Surface(5)
Tight Seams(6)



  • All Steel Panel Raised Access Floor With Conductive Strip

    Effectively prevent static electricity; flame retardant, dust-proof, anti-skid, anti-rust, anti-fouling, chemical corrosion resistance; imported glue veneer, strong wear resistance, no blistering, no degumming; electrostatic spraying of steel shell, soft light, durable Grinding, strong decoration; adopts "mesh reinforced" structure, super load-bearing and pressure-resistant, high surface flatness; supported around, easy to install and flexible to assemble, the lower space can be used as air conditioning and ventilation, and easy to maintain.

  • All Steel Panel Raised Access Floor No Edge

    There are no conductive edge strips around, and the seams are extremely thin after the paving is completed. It is suitable for all kinds of high-end computer rooms and occasions where anti-static requirements are required. The all-steel edgeless anti-static floor should be made of high-quality steel plates with sufficient thickness, processed after stamping and welding, and filled with high-strength foamed cement, which makes the edge and corner strength of the all-steel raised floor higher and greatly improves the bearing capacity of the floor edge. capacity, flatness and decorative aesthetics.