Integration Smart Cabinets

Rack-type data centerDCB SERIES

DCB-1 Basic cabinet

Remote Web Interface Access

DCB-2·ITEquipment cabinet

MaterialHigh quality cold rolled steel
Protection levelIP20

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    Front view

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    Rear view


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Specification Integrated Rack   X1 Integrated Rack   X1
IT Rack X1
Integrated Rack   X1
IT Rack X2
Integrated Rack   X1
IT Rack X3
Item No. DCA/B-16220-10403 DCA/B-26220-10403 DCA/B-26220-10406 DCA/B-36220-10406 DCA/B-26220-20810 DCA/B-46220-20810 DCA/B-46220-21215
Rack System Rack Quantity 1 2 2 3 3 4 4
Expansion Method All racks can be installed side by side, and the racks at both ends are equipped with side panels
Configurable Power 2.4KW 2.4KW 4.8KW 4.8KW 8KW 8KW 12KW
Rack System Size 600*1200*2000mm 1200*1200*2000mm 1800*1200*2000mm 2400*1200*2000mm
Rack Front Door DCA: A single piece of steel is cut out for installation of monitoring screens and tempered glass;
DCB: A whole piece of tempered glass with openings for the installation of the monitoring screen, with metal plate decoration on both sides
Rear Door Standard configuration: Steel plate door; dual-open steel door or dual-open mesh door for optional
Rack Lock Standard configuration: mechanical lock; Electrical lock and smart lock for optional
Rack wheel&feet No configuration; Rack wheel&feet for optional
LED Light There are three primary colors of red, green and blue RGB variable atmosphere lights on both sides of the front of the rack, and the top lighting of the rack is automatically switched after the door is opened.
Powe Distribution System Input AC220V AC380V
Input Master Switch 63A/2P 63A/2P 63A/2P 63A/2P 63A/2P 63A/2P 40A/4P
Lightning protection level 20KA/2P 20KA/2P 20KA/2P 20KA/2P 20KA/2P 20KA/2P 20KA/4P
PDU Input current: 32A; output: 10-digit GB 10A+4-digit GB 16A; with junction box (For optional)
Air Conditioning System Cooling Capacity 3.5KW 7KW 12.5KW
Emergency Settings Front and rear top emergency ventilation system, (automatic pop-up door device can be selected with access control)
Wind Circulation The wind comes first; the return wind comes after
UPS UPS Capacity 3KVA 6KVA 10KVA 15KVA
Input Voltage AC220V AC380V
Input Wiring Single in and single out 3P+N wire + ground wire
Battery Capacity 72V*9AH 192V*7AH 192V*9AH External battery, for optional
Backup time 5-10 minutes for full load
Battery Installation UPS built-in battery
Dynamic Environmental Monitoring System Monitor Host 5*485 ports, 2*232 ports, 2*network ports, 128M memory, 4G storage, 12*DI, 4*DO
Monitoring Screens Android tablet, 10.1" touch screen, 1280*800
Web Access Web remote monitoring access function avaliable
Temperature&Humidity Sensor Same as number of racks
Smoke Sensor Same as number of racks
Water Immersion Sensor Same as number of Air Condition
Video Surveillance No configuration; Video surveillance for optional
SMS Alarm No configuration; SMS Alarm for optional
APP No configuration; APP for optional
Fire Fighting System Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Device No configuration; Aerosol fire extinguishing device for optional