GRC Network Raised Floor

GRC flooring uses high-quality silicon hydrochloric acid as the main raw material, coupled with reinforced fibers and sand crushing, which not only maintains the superior fire resistance of the raw materials themselves, but also improves the bearing capacity of the finished product. Since the surface is not made of metal, it feels closer to the solid floor in terms of foot feel, creating a down-to-earth feeling. GRC flooring is small in size and light in weight, which not only makes construction more convenient, but also reduces the load on the floor slab caused by the self-weight of the raised floor system, making the floor slab last longer. The thinner and lighter floor panels, combined with the adjustable height of the system, improve the utilization of space for underfloor wiring. Easy installation, accurate size, any place between the floors~ Call for environmentally friendly materials, can be recycled and reused, save resources and protect the environment.

Product structure

Super load-bearing(1)
Beautiful and generous(2)
Sealed and waterproof(3)
The stand is adjustable(4)
Light weight(5)
Easy to disassemble and assemble(6)

Installation structure

Product images

Technical parameters


Specification (mm)

Concentrate the load

Shock load N

Ultimate load N

Uniform loading N

Rolling load

N Kg 10  Times 10000  Times



≥ 3550