KW1 series wall-mounted cabinet

Wall-mounted load


Monolithic design

Product standards

Basic information


Plate thickness


Provide a variety of wall-mounted cabinet sizes and components, flexible configuration according to different application needs; Integral welded frame structure, solid and reliable structure; Multiple routing channels in the upper, lower and rear parts to facilitate on-site wiring; A variety of wall-mounted installation methods rotate, easy to operate; Built-in side door, tool-free installation and removal, optional locking and tamper-proof design; The front door can be quickly removed and interchanged left and right without tools, and the opening angle is 180°, which is convenient for equipment installation and maintenance; Many places in the cabinet are equipped with grounding copper nails to facilitate the grounding of the equipment; Optional castors or adjustable movable feet for ground-mounting; Load-bearing capacity: static loading 80kg; The surface treatment is degreasing, pickling, anti-rust phosphating, pure water cleaning, electrostatic spraying, in line with European RoHS environmental protection standards.

Cabinet door style

  • A

    Steel door

  • B

    Glass door with fiame

  • C

    Glass door with fiame with ellipse hole

  • E

    Perforated door with hex hole

Product details

  • Top heat dissipation hole, strip plate can be removed, convenient wiring

  • Surrounding heat dissipation hole design

  • Cabinet door anti-theft lock, simple and easy to use

  • Back mounting plate design, easy to install on the wall.

  • Tool-free quick removal of side doors with safety locks.

  • The bottom strip is removable for easy wiring